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Wireless Skipping Rope

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Rope skipping is one of our best childhood memory. As a very effective aerobic exercise, rope skipping is good for people with all ages, now with wireless skipping rope, you can exercise anytime anywhere.

Wireless Skipping Rope

  • Strengthen your heart, breathing and nerves system
  • Improve digestion system and blood circulation, thus better metabolism
  • High energy consumption: Rope-skipping for 30mins is like jogging for 90min, easier to achieve fat-burning
  • Firm your body muscles, especially the fat hidden in hip and thighs
  • Activate brain cells, improve cogitation and imagination
  • Benefits children’s health and growth: Cultivate their sense of balance and body coordination; Exercises stimulates the cortex (brain) – boost kid’s memory and cogitation


Wireless Skipping Rope Specifications

  • Slip-proof foam for absorbing sweat and comfortable grip
  • Data shown in monitor: Weight (input), Calorie burnt, Number of skips, Timer (Timekeeping or countdown)


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