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Twister Stepper with Resistance Bands

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Different from those traditional steppers that going just up and down, the Rhythm Stepper turns outward every step, encourage your body to swing outward too.

  • Shifting your body weight Stepping + body-swinging to work your inner muscles
  • Tone up your hip, thighs and calves without yielding a big muscle (that every girl hates)
  • Very effective on core and waist-line, the S-shape
  • Simultaneously work your forearm & upper arm with the elastic band

Twister Stepper Specifications

  • Main materials: Irons
  • Size:L 41 x W 43 x H 31 cm
  • Weight: ~ 7 kg



To S.F. Service point, industrial & commercial areas: 1 piece $50-60;
To residential areas: +$30
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