Standard Density Foam Roller (45cm)

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Foam Roller was originally used by Pilates, recently developed to be a home massage equipment, very effective in muscles relaxation and soreness curing.

1) Massage your indepth muscles, like waist, back, thighs and calves’ muscles
2) Relax various muscle groups, release muscle strain
3) Warm-up before exercising
4) Cool-down and reduce muscle sore after training
5) Help strengthening your training routine and stretching
6) Improve overall blood circulation

You can control the massage strength by switching the body anchor points, such as lifting your body up with both hands, or cross your legs while massaging calves. If you find that soring point, you can roll over it repeatedly to multiply the massage effects.

Standard Density Foam Roller Product Specifications

Length 45 cm x Diameter 15 cm
Weight: ~1.5kg

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