SeatMate Lumbar Support Chair

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SeatMate from Taiwan is a lumbar support chair designed according to the human hip structure. SeatMate surrounds and lifts up your hip such that you will naturally sit up straight, thus lowering the pressure on your hip and spine. SeatMate is suitable for adults, elderly and kids, especially working class, nurses, students, doctors and all those who need to sit for a long period of time.

Features of SeatMate Lumbar Support Chair:

  • Extra Strong back and hip support
  • Relieve tiredness caused by sitting too much
  • Help to maintain good sitting posture
  • With ventilation holes, still comfortable after sitting a long time
  • Foam layer can be removed for cleaning
  • 3 colours : Green, pink and purple (out of stock)


By S.F. Courier :
To S.F. Service Points, industrial & commercial areas: 1 piece $ 22; 2 piece $28;
To remote areas or residential areas: +$30
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