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In our day-to-day life, we look directly into various screens including computers and phones, often lead to tiredness and dryness in eyes, or even swelling.  This Eye Massager from Taiwan is here to help.

  • 3-way Massaging: Effective for easing eye tiredness, eye bags and dark circles
  • Infrared Warm Treatment: 35-45C Temperature control, best suit for eye-area;
    Warm massage improves blood circulation and releases headache
  • Comfortable Inner Layer in Suede
  • Wireless Design, easy charge with USB
  • High-quality Music Speaker: Input your own soothing, calming music via USB
  • 180 degree folding, lightweight, make it very convenient for storage and on-the-go

A little tips from Taiwan blogger: “The inner layer is a very comfy suede, you can use with a tissue paper
for a higher hygienic practice, also when you are sharing the Eye Massager with friends and family.”


Eye Massager Product Details

ABS + PP Material: Safe and Eco-friendly
Made in Taiwan
1-year warranty on parts, repair not included


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To residential areas: +$30
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