Ergonomic Wrist Arm Support


The Ergonomic Wrist Arm Support provides relief from pain, numbness, and fatigue in your neck, shoulder, forearms, wrists, hands, back, and improves your overall posture.  It’s easy to install and effectively increases your productivity.


$ 399.00

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This Ergonomic Wrist Arm Support can help alleviate shoulder pressure, protect elbows from stress and allows you to relax your wrist when using mouse or keyboard.

Wrist Arm Support Features

  • Black Asymmetrical Screws for easy installation
  • Prevents repetitive strain injuries while improving work efficiency
  • Allow you to stay aware of distance between arms and keyboard
  • Suitable for: office staff/gaming groups/learning groups
  • Suits Desk thickness: 0.5cm to 5cm
  • Material used: Lycra fabric filled with high-density elastic sponge
  • Maximum weight supports: 50lbs


By S.F Courier :

To commercial & industrial areas / S.F. service point : 1 piece ~ $43
To residential address : + $30 charge


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